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导读:倍数增加翻译 1. Now the total installed capacity has increased by three times as compared with that of 2000. 现在总装机容量比 2000 年增加了 3 倍。 2. When the electricity increases to 3 times , so does the coulomb force. 当电量


倍数增加翻译 1. Now the total installed capacity has increased by three times as compared with that of 2000. 现在总装机容量比 2000 年增加了 3 倍。

2. When the electricity increases to 3 times , so does the coulomb force. 当电量增加到 3 倍时,库仑力也增加到 3 倍。

3. A frequency-tripling circuit has an output frequency three times the input frequency. 三倍频电路的输出频率为输入频率的三倍。

4. The production has multiplied six times. 产量提高了 5 倍。

5. The input stage amplifies the input signal by a factor of 50. 在输入阶段,输入的信号被放大到 50 倍。

6. The volume of gas in tube A is three times that in tube B. 试管 A 内的气体体积是试管 B 内气体体积的三倍。

7. The experts calculate that this will straighten up the tower by several centimeters. 根据专家们的计算,这将使斜塔取直几厘米。

倍数翻译 1. The radioactivity of the new element is several million times stronger than that of uranium. • 这种新元素的放射性比铀的放射性强几百万倍。

2 The proton has a weight about 1837 times as heavy as the electron. • 质子的总量约为电子的 1837 倍。

3. The output of steel was as much again as the previous year. • 钢产量是上一年的两倍。

4. The peak power is again as great as the carrier power. • 峰值功率比载波功率大一倍。

(有时可以把 again 放在第一个 as 之前) 5. Cars will be driven by ceramic motors twice as light as and less fuel-consuming than their steel counterparts. 倍数减少的翻译 1. Switching time of the new-type transistor is shortened by three times. 新型晶体管的开关时间缩短了 2/3。

2. The length of the process was reduced to four times. 进度缩短了 1/4。

3. The speed of the machine was decreased by a factor of five. 该机器的运转速度降低了 4/5。

4. The wire is 2 times thinner than that. 这根导线比那根导线细 2/3。

5. The loss of electricity was reduced by a factor of four. 电损减少了 3/4。

6. The pipe is four times lighter than that one. 这根管子重量是那根的 1/4。

(一)表示增减意义的动词+by+ n% 这一结构表示净增减,百分数 n 可照译。

如: An increase in the oxygen content of coal by 1 percent reduces the calorific value by about 1.7 percent. 煤的含氧量每增加 1%,其热值则下降约 1.7%。


New engines can increase the pay load 有效装载量 by 50 per cent. 新型发动机能使有效负载量增加 50%。

(二)表示减少意义的动词+to + n% 这一结构表示减少后剩余的数量,应译为“减少到 n%”。

如: The new antenna system uses a retarded wave 延迟波 principle that cuts antenna height to 40 per cent. 新的天线系统采用了延迟波原理,使天线高度降低到 40%。

By using the new process the reject rate 废品率 was reduced to 3 per cent. 采用新的工艺方法,废品率下降到 3%。

(三)…n%+比较级+than„ 这一结构表示净增减概念,百分数可以照译。

如: The can-sealing machine works fifty percent faster than that one. 这台封罐机比那台的工作速度快一半(50%). At the same time, the infant mortality was 40 per cent lower than that of the 1960. 同时,婴儿死亡率比 1960 年降低了 40%。

(四)…n%+比较级+名词 这一结构表示净减数量,百分数可照译。

如: The new-type pump wasted 10 percent less energy supplied. 这台新水泵少损耗所提供能量的 10%。

An increase in lubricant temperature results in 20 percent lower viscosity 粘度. 由于润滑剂温度增高,引起粘度降低 20%。

否定句的翻译 1) I never think of summer but I think of my childhood in the countryside. 一想起夏天,我就会想起童年在乡村度过的时光。

2) She was the only person he knew who could make him feel he was not insignificant. 在认识的人当中,她是唯一使他感到自己至关重要的人。

3) Mexico City is an earthquake zone and earth tremors are not unusual. 墨西哥城处于地震带,在那里地震是家常便饭/并不鲜见。

• No, none, nothing +but, like 只有,难免,不过 1) There is no man but errs. • 人人都会犯错误。

• 2) Nothing but a miracle can save him. • 只有奇迹才能挽救他。

• 3) None but the wearer knows where the shoe pinches. • 鞋子哪里挤脚,只有穿鞋的人知道。

否定转移 The object did not move because I pushed on it. 不是因为我推了它,该物体才移动。

The basic design of the steam engine has undergone no major change in over 200 years. 两百多年来,蒸汽机的基本结构没有发生任何重大变更。

His last three experiments were not nearly so well done as the earlier ones. 他的最后三次试验做得远远不如早期的试验那么好。

The outcome of the experiment was not half bad. 试验的结果相当好。


1) too ...to… The process is too risky not to be checked in time. 这一过程危险性太大,应及时加以制止。

Another example: Knowledge about the most powerful problem-solving computer man has ever developed is too valuable not to share. 人类业已开发出功率最大的电脑用于解决问题,这方面的知识极其可贵,应为人类所共享。

2) all /every/both/each…not… All these various losses, great as they are, do not in any way contradict the law of conservation of energy. 所有这些损失尽管很大,但并非都违背热量守恒定律。

No, everything is not straightened out. 不,并非每一个问题都弄清楚了。

• Exercises: 1. You can’t make something out of nothing. 你不能无中生有。

2. I have read your articles. I expected to meet an older man. 我拜读过您的作品。


3. They will be ice-skating in hell the day when I vote for them. • 要我投他们的票,除非太阳打西边出来。

4. He doesn’t stand a dog’s chance of buying a house this year because the bank refuses to lend him money. 他今年买房无望了,因为银行拒绝给他贷款。

5. Romulo said that all American proposals would not be acceptable. 拉姆罗说,并非美国的提议都得到采纳。

6. There is no material but will deform more or less under the action of force. 在力的作用下,物质都会或多或少地发生变形。

从句的翻译 主语从句 1. Whether any of the plastic products causes immediate harm is not known. • 塑料制品是否会直接危害人体健康目前还不得而知。

2. How the brain manages to think is a conundrum with a millennial time scale. • 大脑思维问题是个千年不解之迷。

3. That energy can be neither created nor destroyed is a very important law in physical science. • 能量既不能创造也不能消灭是物理学的一条很重要的定律。

4. That like charges repel but opposite charges attract is one of the fundamental laws of electricity. • 同性电荷相斥、异性电荷相吸是电学的基本定律之一。

5. It is due to the development of integrate circuits that there is the possibility to make electronic devices smaller and smaller. • 正是由于集成电路的研制成功,才有可能把电子器件做得越来越小。

主语从句练习 1. It is known to all why metals have been widely used in industry. • 大家都知道金属为什么在工业上会得到广泛的应用。

2. That substances expand when heated and contract when cooled is a common physical phenomenon. • 物质热胀冷缩是一个普通的物理现象。

3. What the TV camera does is to break the picture up into a number of lines consisting of very small3

points of light. • 电视摄象机的功能就是把图象分解成许许多多由小光点组成的线条。

4. Whether a body is in a state of motion or rest is always relative • 一个物体究竟是处于运动状态还是静止状态,总是相对的。

5. How hot the sun really is can hardly be described in word. 太阳究竟有多热,简直难以用文字描述。

同位语从句 1. The general statement can be made that wherever there is motion there is friction. • 一般说来,有运动就有摩擦。

2. There can be no doubt that genetic engineering is a wonderful new tool. • 毫无疑问,基因工程是一项崭新而奇妙的技术。

3. The fact that copper and aluminium are widely used for electronic wire is well known. • 铜和铝广泛用来制作电缆,这是人所共知的事实。

4. However, the writing of chemical symbols in the form of an equation does not give any assurance that the reaction shown will actually occur. • 但是将化学符号写成反应式并不意味着所表示的反应确实会发生。

让步状语从句 1. While tallness is evidently a hereditary characteristic, any individual’s actual height depends on the interaction between their genes and the environment. 虽然身高是一种明显的遗传特征,但是个体的实际身高则取决于基因和环境的相互作用。

2. Complicated as the problem is, it can be solved in only two hours with an electronic computer. 尽管这个问题很复杂,但是用电子计算机只要两小时就能解决。

3. The best way to improve urban air may be to curb the use of cars, even though modern cars are far cleaner than earlier ones. 改善城市空气质量最好的办法可能还是控制汽车的使用, 尽管现代汽车比以前的汽车污染要小 得多。

4. Though radar uses radio waves, it is somewhat different from radio and television. 虽然雷达应用无线电波,但与无线电和电视略有区别。

5. Different as the forms of matter are, they are nothing but matter in motion. 尽管物质的形式各不相同,但它们都是运动中的物质。

• 条件状语从句 1. Any body above the earth will fall unless it is supported by an upward force equal to its weight. 地球上的任何物体都会落下来,除非它受到一个大小与重量相等的力的支持。

2. If you require a computer to make a calculation or to solve a problem, you have to feed it with the necessary information. 如果你要计算机做一次计算或解决一个问题,就得输入必要的信息。

3. A body at rest can not move unless a force is exercised on it. 除非施加力,否则静止的物体不可能运动。

4. The average speed of all molecules remains the same so long as the temperature is constant. 只要温度不变,所有分子的平均速度就不变。

5. If there were no air, there would be no life on the earth. 如果没有空气,地球上就不会有生命了。


1. The president said at a press conference dominated by questions on yesterday’s election results that he could not explain why the Republicans had suffered such a widespread defeat, which in the end would deprive the Republican Party of long-held superiority in the House. (在一次)记者招待会上,问题集中于昨天的选择结果, (记者招待会中心议题是昨天 的选择结果。

) 总统就此发了言。

他说他不能够解释为什么共和党遭到了这样大的失 败。


2. But without Adolf Hilter, who was possessed of a demoniac (恶魔般的)personality, a granite will, uncanny instincts, a cold ruthlessness, a remarkable intellect, a soaring imagination and ——until toward the end, when drunk with power and success, he overreached himself—— an amazing capacity to size up people and situations, there almost certainly would never have been a Third Reich. 然而,如果没有阿道夫希特勒,那就几乎可以肯定不会有第三帝国。

因为阿道夫希 特勒有着恶魔般的性格、花岗石般的意志、不可思议的本能、无情的冷酷、杰出的 智力、深远的想象力以及对人和局势惊人的判断力。

这种判断力最后由于权力和胜 利冲昏了头脑而自不量力,终于弄巧成拙。

3. The problem of possible genetic damage to human population from radiation exposures 照射 including those resulting from the fallout 辐射微粒 from testing of atomic weapon, has quite properly claimed much popular attention in recent years. 人类由于面临辐射威胁,包括原子武器试验产生的放射性散落物所造成的辐射威胁 在内,因此很可能造成基因损伤,这一问题近年来已经理所当然地引起了人们的广 泛重视。

练习: 1. Those shovels of ground were tangible proof that this country was determined to build an aeronautical research establishment second to none in the world, aimed at regaining and then maintaining the lead in aeronautics. 这个国家为了重新获得并保持住航空领先地位,决心建立一所世界第一流的航空 研究机构,那几锹泥土就是具体的证明。

2. Manners are mankind’s way of saying “Let’s not fight unless we have to”——and there may be no higher wisdom than that, in diplomacy, in business, in love and marriage, and in the transactions(事物) of everyday life. 没有再比这更明智的做法了,让彬彬有礼成为在外交上、生意场上、婚姻与家 庭以及日常事务方面用来表示“不到万不得已,我们不要争斗”的一种方式。

3. To use the knowledge which science is supposed to discover and apply it to things which are useful is technology. 利用科学知识制造有用之物 ,就是技术 (即所谓工艺学) 动词时态翻译时应注意的问题 例句1. no one will deny that what we have been able to do in the past five years is especially striking in view of the crisis which we inherited from the previous government 考虑到上届政府遗留下来的危机,我们在过去五年里所能取得的成绩也就尤其(是)显著, 这是没有人可否认的。

2.First of all, it seems that a successful scientist is full of curiosity. „ He is skeptical——he does not accept statements which are not based on the most complete evidence available„5


……他习惯于怀疑——他往往不接受那些不是 以现有的最充分的证据为基础的论述…… 短文翻译 1. Perhaps most troubling, teachers and psychologists say, is that it is often the most gifted students, the ones who presumably could get good grades without cheating, who are the worst offenders. They are the ones who believe that getting into a top college—or later, a top graduate school—is the most important goal, and will do anything they must to attain it. 教师和心理学家们说,也许非常令人担心的是,最严重的作弊者往往是那些不作弊也能就获 得好成绩的,最有天赋的学生。

他们认为进入一流大学,或者以后进入一流的研究生院才是最 重要的目标,他们要不惜一切达到此目的。

2. About one billion people are entitled to visa-free access to Britain, including most recently the citizens of Eastern Europe and of what is now the Hong Kong Administrative Region of China. The number of passengers entering Britain from outside the EU has increased by 66% in a decade. It exceeded 11 million in 1998. Although the largest proportions come from North America, there will be striking increasing in admissions from Eastern Europe and from newly prosperous trading partners like South Korea. 1998 ’ s entrants include some 300,000 students, one-third of them from Asia---heading for the provincial universities, business colleges and private schools which now market themselves so aggressively the world over. 约有 10 亿人享有免签证进入英国的资格, 包括英国政府最近决定给予免签证资格的东欧公民和 现在被称作中国香港特别行政区的公民。

从欧盟以外的国家入境英国的旅客人数在 10 年里增长 了 66%。

1998 年,从这些地方来英国的人数超过 1,100 万。

尽管他们中的绝大多数来自北美, 但来自东欧和像韩国那样新近繁荣发达的贸易伙伴国的入境者人数将显著增加。

1998 年入境英 国的人中,约有 30 万是学生,其中三分之一来自亚洲。

他们不是去牛津或剑桥大学读书深造, 而是前往那些在全世界范围内竭力宣传和推销自己的大学、商学院和私立学校求学进修6


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