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导读:八下课堂十分钟 第三单元 Section A. 第一课时(十分钟,30 分) 一、为下面的短语译为英语或汉语。 (5 分,每小题 1 分) 1.sweep the floor 2.叠我妈妈的衣服 3.do the dishes 4.打扫起居室 5.到垃圾


八下课堂十分钟 第三单元 Section A. 第一课时(十分钟,30 分) 一、为下面的短语译为英语或汉语。

(5 分,每小题 1 分) 1.sweep the floor 2.叠我妈妈的衣服 3.do the dishes 4.打扫起居室 5.到垃圾 二、完形填空(5 分,每小题 1 分) ( )6. you please wash your clothes , Mingming? I’m busy with my work. A. Can B. Could C. May D. Must ( )7.---Would you please help me give out the books to the kids? --. A. No, sure. B. Yes. C. No problem. D. No, I wouldn’t. ( )8.---Papa,I want to go out for a party? ---. A. No, you have to finish your homework first. B. No, you must come back before 9. C. No, you can finish your homework first. D. Yes, you don’t. ( )9.---Could we play basketball after school? --. A. Yes, you may. B. No, you can. C. Yes, you need. D. Yes, you can. ( )10.Could you please make so much rubbish? A. don’t B. doesn’t C. not D. didn’t 三、为下面对话选择恰当的句子填空。


(10 分,每小题 2 分)A.So much? B.What do you do? C.Could I at least finish watching this show? D.but it’s not “mother clean.” E.What do you want me to do? F.And she won’t be happy if she sees the mess. G.I want to watch this show.Lily:Tony,could you help out with a few things? Tony: 11 ? Lily:No,I think two hours of TV is enough for you! Tony:Fine. 12 ? Lily:Could you make your bed and wash the dishes? Tony: 13 ? Lily?Yes,because Mom will be back from shopping any minute now. 14 . Tony:But the house is already pretty clean and tidy. Lily:Yes.well.it’s clean. 15 . 四、翻译句子。

(10 分,16-18 小题每小题 2 分,19 小题 4 分) 16.张伟,你能帮我修电脑吗? Zhang Wei, you help me my computer? 17.王名,你能不熬夜看电视了吗? Wang Ming,would you stay up late to watch TV? 18.不,你不可以去兜风。


,you couln’t a ride,you have housework 19.你现在可以和我去海滩吗?抱歉,我现在在忙于工作。

You the beach with me now? ,I am ..

答案 一、1.扫地 2.fold my mother ’s clothes 3.洗餐具 4.clean the living room 5.take out the rubbish 二、6.B 7.C 8. A 9. D 10.C 三、11.C 12.E 13.A 14.F 15.D 四、16.could/would ; please;fix;up 17.please; not; 18.No;get;much; to ; do 19.Could/Would; go; to ;Sorry,busy; working.

Section A. 第二课时(十分钟,30 分) 一、从框中选择恰当的单词填空,有的需要相应的变化。

(5 分,每小题 1 分)shirt; finger; throw; hate; pass1.My cousin doesn’t like bananas.She them. 2.Jimmy,your is too old.Let me buy you a new one. 3.Our aren’t as long as each other. 4.Thank you for me the book.I can’t reach it. 5.The boy a ball on the ground just now. 二、写出下面的短语。

(5 分,每小题 1 分) 6.遛狗 7.all the time 8.扔下书包 9.in surprise 10.share the house 三、单项选择。

(10 分,每小题 1 分) ( )11.Li Hong’s grandma usually her when she got back home from school. A.welcome B.is welcoming to C.welcame D.welcomed ( )12.Don’t play computer games .It’s bad for your health. A.all time B.all the time C.attimes D.at the same time ( )13. Wang Li didn’t play computer games for a week and . A.neither I B .neither I did C.nerther did I D.did I neither ( )14.My mother said to my father that she was him. A.as tired as B.more tired as C.the most tired than D.as more tired as ( )15.When my mother came home she found the floor. A.I was sweeping B.my sweeping C.I sweeping D.me sweeping ( )16.Neither of my parents interested climbing the mountains. A.are B.is C.be D.am ( )17.Fang Lei can’t speak French. . A.Neither can’t he. B.He can’t,neither. C.Neither he can. D.Neither can he. ( )18.I will telephone you I come back home. A.as soon as B.as fast as C.as quick as D.as soon as possible ( )19.Could I some money from you? A.repair B.get C.borrow D.lend ( )20.The girl danced she listened to the rock music. A.as soon as B.when C.until D.while 四、为下面对话选择恰当的句子填空。


(10 分,每小题 2 分)A.What do you need help with? B.Could I help you with some chores? D.No one likes to do chores. E.I hate to do chores. F.I’ll finish my homework while you help me with the dishes. G.Could I ask you help me with some chores then? C.I don’t like to do that.Lingling:21 . Weiwei:Well,I hate some chores,too,but I like other chores. Lingling:Really?Great! 22 ? Weiwei: 23 ? Lingling:Could you please wash my clothes for me?

Weiwei:24 ! It’s boring! Lingling:OK.Then could you help do the dishes for me? Weiwei:Sure,no problem.But could we go to the movies after that? Lingling:Sure. 25 . Then we can go to the movies. 答案 一、1.hates 2.shirt 3.fingers 4.passing 5.threw 二、6.take the dog for a walk 7.总是 8.throw down the bag 9.惊奇 10.一起做家务 三、11.D 12B 13.C 14.A 15.D 16.B 17.C 18.A 19.C 20.D 四、21.E 22.G 23.A 24.C 25.F

Section B. 第一课时(十分钟,30 分) 一、从框中选择恰当的单词填空,有的需要相应的变化。

(5 分,每小题 1 分)waste; neighbor; fairness; ill; independence1.Now everyone in China gets in law(法律) 2.Most people think playing computer games is the of life. 3.Uncle Wang is one of my .He is kind and often help us teens. 4.Young people need when they are old enough. 5.I have a stomachache and I feel than yesterday. 二、写出下面的短语。

(5 分,每小题 1 分) 6.invite my friends to a party 7.借用一下你的 CD 播放器 8.买一些饮料和小食品 9.do chores 10.take care of 三、单项选择(10 分,每小题 1 分) ( )11.It’s normal to feel before the test. A.strss B.stressing C.stressed D.stresses ( )12.Mom,what can you provide me for my birthday party? A.with B.on C.for D.about ( )13.Bad luck!I my ID card when I walk around the park and I didn’t find it. A.drop B.droped C.am dropping D.dropped ( )14.I live here I was born. A.when B.since C.while D.until ( )15.We are old enough and we can’t our parents. A.depend B.depend with C.depend on D.depend to ( )16.Each student works hard at school good grades. A.in order get B.in order to getting C.order to get D.in order to get ( )17.There’s no need for children to do housework at home, ? A.is there B.isn’t there C.don’t they D.do they ( )18.Skimming means looking quickly through a piece of writing to find the main idea reading every word. A.don’t B.not C.by D.without ( )19.Would you mind the window?The are in the room isn’t clean. A. opening B. open C.to open D.opened ( )20.When we read a writing,we should read the sentence a little more carefully. A.last B.middle C.first D.important 四、翻译句子。

(每空一词)(10 分,每小题 1 分) 21.孩子们仅仅在学校里取得好成绩是片面的。

It’s children just to get good grades at school. 22.做家务有助于孩子们理解公平的思想。

chores helps children to the of fairness. 23.每个学生都应该在保持教室的清洁方面发挥作用。

Every student should in the classroom clean and tidy. 24.孩子们学会独立的越早,他们的未来就越好。

kids learn to be indenpent, it is for their future. 25.做家务有助于孩子们发展独立的态度并教给他们如何照顾自己。

To do housework helps children their of and teaches

themlook after.答案 一、1.fairness 2.waste 3.neighbors/neighbours 4.independence 5.worse 二、6.邀请朋友们来参加聚会 7.use your CD player 8.buy some drinks and snacks 9.做家务 10.爱护;照料 三、11. C 12. A 13.D 14.B 15.C 16.D 17.A 18.D 19.A 20.C 四、21.not; enough;for 22.Doing; understand; idea 23.does; his; part; keeping 24.The earlier; the; better 26.to; develop; independence;how;to;themselves

Section B. 第二课时(十分钟,30 分) 一、写出下面的短语。

(5 分,每小题 1 分) 1.don’t mind 2.把时间花费在 3.agree with somebody 4.对某人说什么事情 5.给某人写回信 二、单项选择。

(5 分,每小题 1 分) ( )6.---Excuse me , I come into the party? ---No,you mustn’t. A.could B.can C.must D.may ( )7.He doesn’t understand why some parents their children learn many things after school. A.let B.have C.make D.get ( )8.I hope a good university after high school so I study hard. A.get to B.get on C.get into D.to get into ( )9.---Mom,do you mind me restng for a while?--. A.Yes,sure. B.Yes,I do. C.No,I don’t. D.Not at all. ( )10.You to lie down and have a rest if you have a stomachache. A.can B.need C.must D.could 三、用文中所给的单词填空,需要相应的变化,以适应句法的要求。

(15 分,每小题 1.5 分) I think it is important for children 11 (learn) how to do 12 (chore) and help their parents with housework.It’s not enough to just get good 13 (grade) at school.Children these days depend on their parents too much.They’re always 14 (ask),”Could you get this for 15 (I)?”or “Could you help me with that?”Doing chores 16 (help) to develop 17 (child) independence and 18 (teach) them how to look after 19 (they).It also helps them to understand the idea of fairness.Since they live in one house with their parents,they 20 (shall) know that everyone should do their part in 21 (keep) it clean and tidy.Our22 (neighbor) Son got into a good college but during his 23 (one) year ,he 24 (have) no idea how to take after 25 (he).As a result,he often 26 (fall) ill and his grades 27 (drop).The 28 (early) kids learn to be 29 (independence),the30 (good) it is for their children. 四、为下面对话选择恰当的句子填空。


(5 分,每小题 1 分)A.But don’t stay out late. B.Yes,but you must finish you homework. C.Sure,that would be OK. D.Sorry,but I have to do some work now. E.Sorry,I don’t have a car. F.Could I go to the movies after that? G.You need to have a good rest.Peter:Hey,Dad? Dad:Yes? Peter:Could I go out for dinner with my friends tonight? Dad: 31 . Peter: 32 ? My friend said that new action movie is really good. Dad:I guess so. 33 . Peter:Could I stay out untill eleven?We might get something to drink after the movie. Dad:No,you can’t.You have a basketball game tomorrow,remember? 34 . Peter:Oh,yeah,well,could you give me a ride to town now?If I take a bus,I’ll be late. Dad: 35 . Peter:Oh,OK.No problem.I’ll call Allen.Maybe his dad can give me a ride.

答案 一、1.不介意;不关心 2.spend time on something 3.同意某人(的观点) 4.say something to somebody 5. write back to somebody 二、6.D 7. C 8. D 9. D 10. B 三、11.to learn 12.chores 13.grades 14.asking 15.me 16.helps 17.children’s 18.teaches 19.themselves 20.should 21.keeping 22.neighbor ’s 23.first 24.had 25.himself 26.fell 27.dropped 28.earlier 29.indenpendent 30.better 四、31.C 32.F 33.A 34.G 35.D

第三单元自我检测(50 分钟,100 分) 一、单项选择(20 分,每小题 2 分) ( )1.Jingjing, you please help sweep the floor?I’m busy with my work now. A.can B.may C.will D.do ( )2.I am watching TV my mother is washing the clothes. A.when B.while C.untill D.if ( )3.My friend Zhang Li can’t drive a car. . A.I can’t ,too. B.I can’t,neither. C.neither I can. D.Neither can I. ( )4.---Dad,could you help me with the math problem? --. A.Yes,let me do it for you. B.No,you must do it by youself. C.Sure,but you need to think about it yourself. D.Sorry, I can’t do so. ( )5.---Mom,would you mind me having a party in our home? --.But you can’t make much noise. A. Of course not. B.Sure. C. Yes,you can. D.No,I can’t. ( )6.Li Ming,could you me your CD player? A.give B.lend C.borrow D.use ( )7.China is strong now but she is still a country. A.develop B.developed C.developing D.less developed ( )8.My aunt works here she was twenty. A.when B.while C.until D.since ( )9.--,sir? ---Sure.The seat isn’t taken. A.Could you make room for me B.Could I sit here C.Could I ask you a question D.Could you please move a little ( )10.--I watch TV for a while after finish doing my homework? ---Yes,you can. A.Would B.Must C.Need D.May 二、完形填空(20 分,每小题 2 分)( )11A.want B.hope C.help D.like ( )12A.teachers B.volunteers C.nurses D.workers ( )13A.read B.buy C.listen to D.write ( )14A.ideas B.hopes C.thought D.problems ( )15A.old B.young C.boy D.girl ( )16.and B.so C.but D.or ( )17A.call B.to call C.called D.calling ( )18A.basketball B.tennis C.football D.golf ( )19A.get to know B.know C.get D.get know ( )20A.study B.learn C.learn from D.learn about 三、为下面短文从框中选择恰当的单词填空。

(20 分,每小题 2 分)younger; interest; have; believe; games; happiness; beaches; because; happinest; these;

. 四、补全对话。



(10 分,每小题 2 分)A.could I borrow some money? B.Sure not. C.Yes,if you’re careful with it. D.Of course. E.could you clean your room? F.I won’t break it down. G.I need to buy some drinks and snacks.Sandy:Could I invite my friends to a party on Sunday,Mom? Mom: 31 ..That sounds like fun. Sandy:Yeah,ummm, 32 Mom:What for? Sandy: 33 Could I go to the store? Mom:Well,I’m going tomorrow and I can buy some drinks and snacks for you. Sandy:Oh,good,thank you,Mom. Mom:You’re welcome.Oh, 34 Sandy:I cleaned it last week. Mom:You need to clean it again for your party. Sandy:OK.At the parry, could I use your CD player? Mom: 35 Sandy:Don’t worry,Mom. Mom:Now there are some other things I want you to do for me before the party.Could you please move the big chairs to the bedroom and clean the living room? Sandy:Sure.Dave is coming early on Satruday,so he can help me. 31.D 32.A 33. G 34.E 35.C五、阅读理解(15 分,每小题 3 分)36. How long did Grennan volunteer in the orphanage in Nepal? A.For a year. B. In 2004 C.For three months. D.For many years. 37At first, Grennan simply wanted to _______by volunteering in Nepal. A. write travel stories B. learn the skills

C. help the kids there D. impress people 38When Grennan came to the Little Princes Children’s Home. _______. A. 18 children were ill in bed B. the children there felt excited C. he decided to give up his job D. he’d lived in Nepal for a year 39From the passage we can learn that Grennan _______. A. found the kids’ families easily B. was good at taking pictures C. wrote the book Little Princes D. asked others to go to Nepal 40Which is the best title for the passage? A. Volunteer changes a lot B. Volunteer is with the kids C. Volunteer becomes a writer D. Volunteer travels in Nepal六、写作。

写一篇 80 个单词左右的作文,表达一次你帮助别人的经历。

(15 分)


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